Workaround for the ORA-01008 error when working with .net datasets

When you try to use the original provider dll from Oracle (Oracle.DataAccess.dll ) instead of the one of Microsoft's ( System.Data.OracleClient.dll ) there is a possibility that you will get an annoying error like

ORA-01008: not all variables bound

This is due because the Oracle guys decided to bind the parameters when executing a SQL command by index as default behavior instead of bind them by name. You will get this error when you use more than one parameter.

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Articles by Month Joomla Module

Since I installed my site, I always was looking for a way to show my articles grouped by month. But Joomla only offers the "Archived Article" module, that only will show as its title says, your articles in archived stated.

It was incredible for me that Joomla didn't offer a way to filter the articles by month, even WordPress has a plugin for that included in the core. I just recently did a research and all the modules I found were commercial or they needed you to register, so I ask my self "let's try to hack the existing archived articles module ". The result was another module that I called " Articles by Month"

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Soccer World Map

It has been a while since I got my hands into Google Maps and JavaScript front – end development, because in my actual company ( Taleo – Oracle ) the applications we develop are very different from those I develop in Korem, and I don't touch anything related with front-end coding. Also, I wanted to test the one nice discovery I made: the Bootstraps framework. The main objective was to code something using a mix of Bootstraps, GoogleMaps and JQuery, so I had the idea of show the location of the professional soccer teams from all over the world. So here is the result:

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An Astronomical Navigator made in Ext-JS 4 and Google Earth

I was curious about experiment with version 4 of Ext-js. I have some time developing in versions 3.X, so I decided to make something related to astronomy, because I have some experience as amateur astronomer.

I realized that Google Earth had a Sky mode, something like a space explorer with a full catalog of deep space objects. So, here the final application, and some features I found interesting, :

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