About me

I’m . I’m a Mexican developer living the adventure of immigration here in Québec, Canada. I was born in one of the most Mexican cities of our country: Guadalajara.

I have more than 12 years of experience in software development. I started to programming in Delphi when I was in the university, and then I become Microsoft guy when I take Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL Server for develop desktop applications. I self-learned web application development in 2002, starting to code in ASP 3.0 to make an intranet web site for tracking all the data resulting of testing and for managing all the information related to test plans, test cases, products defects, etc.

In the last years before leaving my country I develop some interesting applications in PHP and MySQL. Now I try to follow a single technology career path programming in Java.

Here in Québec I was entirely dedicated to webs applications, more in client side making extensively use of JavaScript. In my last company I was, I made use of a great variety of components and API’s like Sencha Ext-JS, JQuery, Google Maps, small app in Android, etc. Despite of the fact I am a software developer, and I like what I do, I don’t consider me a “geek”.
Then, I hate the religious way of thinking like “open source vs private source”. I believe that software development is neither a religion nor a movement: we do tools that provide results. If a software / technology made our live easy, I will promote it.

Why I made this site
Besides my years of experience, I have the need to make something tangible of it. And to keep a record of the experience I earn in the day by day working I do in the companies I am. But the main reason is: exercise my creativity and develop things of my own initiative, things that not always I can do while I’m working in companies.

In Spanish, and in Mexico, we use two family names ( the father’s and mother’s names ) . Najar is the family name of my mother. I picked up for the site because it’s more short and easiest to pronounce for non spanish-speaking people.

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