An Astronomical Navigator made in Ext-JS 4 and Google Earth

I was curious about experiment with version 4 of Ext-js. I have some time developing in versions 3.X, so I decided to make something related to astronomy, because I have some experience as amateur astronomer.

I realized that Google Earth had a Sky mode, something like a space explorer with a full catalog of deep space objects. So, here the final application, and some features I found interesting, :

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Setting up a Joomla Multilanguage Site

One of the key features since the Joomla 1.6 version is the capability to manage many languages in your site. This feature works like if you have 3 different sites each one with a different language, where each one of them can differ from the others in content, modules and menus; instead of having almost one-to-one correspondence for each language, like WordPress.

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Align a DIV to the center of his container

First, we have point something: we cannot center a div that its not sized. That's mean we have to specify a width and a height value.

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Plugin to zoom the images in Joomla articles

Middle Earth Map by Johnny Slowhand
I start developing my own plugins for the Joomla platform. I have to say, in Joomla, the plugins are the more easiest components to develop. Well, here is the result: I called the "Autozoom".

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Make a DIV to take the size of its content

I want to keep a record of those things of CSS that always drives me mad, and always forget and always have to do a search in Google to find the solution. Let's be honest, CSS is not one thing that us as developers love, it make me mad when i was developing some javascript controls and made me curse when i had to made some Internet Explorer 6 development. But when you start to understand it, you start to love it.

One of those things was how to make a %$"%$"##% < div > to take the size of its content.

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